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Brain Injury

5 Spinal / Brain Injury Facts This Week Posted by Personal Injury Attorney Cullotta

April 29, 2020

Brain injury facts
1. Dozens of US Troops Who Suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries Expected To Receive Purple Hearts

CNN reports US Troops who suffered severe traumatic brain injuries in a January Iranian missile attack in Iraq are expected to receive purple hearts, according to three US defense officials.

2. New Study Reports Adults with SCI at Higher Risk of Developing Anxiety & Depression 

In a new study, published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, researchers find adults with spinal cord injury are at a higher risk of developing mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety, compared to adults without the injury

3. Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Appoints Jay Shepard Chairman

4. Simple ‘sniff test‘ reliably predicts recovery of severely brain injured patients 

“Published today in the journal Nature, the study involved brain injured patients showing very minimal or no signs of awareness of the external world. It found that 100% of patients who reacted to the sniff test went on to regain consciousness, and over 91% of these patients were still alive three and a half years after injury.”

5. To date, Illinois’ Recorded 12 Fewer Car Crash Fatalities Since its Stay-at-Home Order Took Effect

“[T]he state of Illinois recorded twelve fewer deaths to date than in 2019 ….What the data suggests, researchers told TPM, is that as lockdowns came into effect, fewer people traveling on the roads cut the frequency of car accidents roughly in half. With fewer cars on the roads, data also suggest that drivers’ average speed increased.”

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