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Back Injury

Back Injury – New Tetraplegic Surgery Revives Hand Motion

July 24, 2019

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After Back Injury – New Tetraplegic Nerve Transfer Surgery Revives Hand Motion 

 Tetraplegic Loss of Function  

Fifty percent of spinal cord injuries results in Tetraplegia  —more commonly known as Quadriplegia—  loss of function to all four limbs. 

 Unlike tendon reconstruction surgery (transfer of a tendon),  a recent study (see video below) a Quadriplegics’ nerve transfer surgery allows for direct surgical reactivation of the muscle function that it was intended to use it for.

Use of a hand can allow for more  independence to a   Quadriplegic.  Therefore, regaining some form of arm and hand function is the highest priority for people with tetraplegia. 


Traditional  Quadriplegia Tendon Transfer Surgery After Back Injury

Traditionally, some arm and hand functions are reconstructed using surgical tendon transfers. This type of surgery moves the tendon. For example, surgical transfer of elbow flexors, to a new site to recreate the function of a paralyzed wrist extensor.

New Breakthrough Quadriplegia – Nerve Transfer Surgery – After Back Injury 

This new nerve transfer surgery can restore voluntary control and reanimate more than one paralyzed muscle.  For example, to restore hand grasp and pinch, the nerve to a spare functioning wrist muscle can be surgically transferred to the nerve controlling thumb and finger flexion.


Medical care cost for Chicago or IL spinal cord injury (SCI) ranges between $15,000 to $30,000 the first year. 

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