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Car Accident

Car accident attorney chicago – laminectomy procedures

December 21, 2011

Post-accident lumbar laminectomy procedure  Generally speaking, nerves are how our body and mind communicate with each other. The spine has 33 bones or vertebras. Between each vetebra is a cushion or intervetbral disc. nerves run through these bones. nerve roots extend out of the holes in these bones.

When a dics is compressed as a result of a car accident, the disc can herniate or bulge and pressure the nerve root. The compressed nerve causes severe or moderate pain. 

“decompressive laminectomy procedure” as result from a car accident includes the removal of the lamina to or a bulging disc or herniated disc that is compressing the nerve root or spinal cord. this type of back surgery removes the lamina portion of the disc and injured bulging or herniated disc to decompress the nerve root.  Once the pressure is removed from the nerve root, pain should decrease or be eliminated completely. 

Both a lumabar and cervical laminectomy surgery involves risks or complications that should be discussed with your physician prior to surgery.

If your doctor has recommended a laminectomy procedure to remove the lamina of a disc in your neck or back or as a result of a Illinois car accident then contact Illinois spine injury lawyer Josephine Cullotta at Cullotta Law Offices, 2624 Patriot Blvd., in Glenview, Illinois, at 847-651-7191.

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