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Car Accident

Why Auto Insurance Companies Make Low Offers

March 20, 2021

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After a crash, auto insurance companies will relentlessly try to talk to you.  If they can get you to give them a recorded statement – better for them.   You may think they want to pay you a lot of money, otherwise, why would they be so persistent to talk to you.

Auto insurance companies usually want to talk to you to learn if you caused/contributed to the crash and if you are really hurt.

For an insurance company to learn this information they will try to talk to you and the insured ASAP. An insurance company may ask you to send them a copy of the police report.  

Assuming you didn’t cause or contribute to the crash, three things will make an auto insurance company’s adjuster believe you aren’t that hurt.

  1. Statements immediately after the crash. It’s going to be an uphill battle if you say “I feel fine” or “I have no injuries” after a car accident.   
  2. Walking around at the scene or refusing treatment also makes it hard to show your injuries are from the crash and not something else.
  3. No Symptoms immediately or shortly after a crash. If you don’t seek treatment right away and later develop symptoms, you will need to show the delay did not cause or contribute to your injuries. Hence, to be safe you should follow up with your primary care doctor or visit the ER soon after a car accident to be sure you are alright.

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