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Category: Brain Injury

Brain Injury

Returning To Work After Brain Injury

December 31, 2011

Know What The Common Symptoms of a Illinois Traumatic Brain Injury Are Before Returning To Work. Common Brain Injury Symptoms Include Changes In: Memory Concentration Attention Decision making Depression Anxiety Irritability Headaches Dizziness Problems concentrating Difficulty reading, writing Impaired speech or word loss Difficulty staying focused The following are suggested […]

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Brain Injury

Common Brain Injury Problems After IL Car Accident

December 27, 2011

While every injury is unique, some common brain injury symptoms, procedures, and consequences after a IL Chicago car accident: Cognitive and Communicative Difficulties Persons who sustain a brain injury may experience common symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, and difficulty staying focused. In addition, person with traumatic brain injury may have […]

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