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Category: Personal Injury


7-mistakes personal injury claimants in IL make

March 31, 2020

1. Failing to preserve evidence after an IL Personal Injury An Illinois personal injury claimant’s serious injuries and immobility often prevent them from gathering or preserving any evidence themselves. At trial, a jury hears evidence through a witness’s testimony and exhibits. So, it is critical you contact an experienced Glenview or […]

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Brain Injury

4 Types Facial Fractures

July 2, 2019

Have your sustained a facial fracture, like a eye injury, midface fracture, broken jaw, cracked forehead, or other facial bone fracture due to the someone else’s wrongdoing? Head trauma during a car accident can cause 4 types facial fractures.  Facial fractures can further cause neurological trauma, damage to the sinus ducts, […]

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