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Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer New : A new diagnostic tool for IL brain Injuries

January 21, 2012

A new diagnostic tool for brain injuries, called The Biograph mMR, combines a MRI and PET scan for faster and safer to diagnosis and treat ment of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  

For example, In the city of Chicago, county of cook, a young man is riding his motorcycle on 294-North when he is suddenly rear-ended by a semi-truck. He sustained an Illinois serious personal injury as a result of the crash when he was struck by the semi-truck. He suffered a cracked skull, contusions to his face, multiple hematomas, and lose consciousness which put him in a coma.

The Biograph mMR would permit his doctors to perform one instead of two tests on this young man’s brain to identify the brain region damaged by the Chicago I-294 motorcycle accident impact and the metabolic activity of damaged region of his brain. he Biograph mMR permits imaging intervention to assist in prevention of the long-term consequences resulting from this man’s TBI.  

The purchase of the Biograph mMR was made possible through the Center for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine (CNRM)

If you (or you’re a member of your family) sustained a brain injury due to a serious car accident in the Chicago area, call Cullotta Law Offices in Glenview Illinois at (847) 651-7191 for a FREE legal case review. Ms. Cullotta is a greater Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer who is specialized in personal injury settlements and litigation various types of spinal cord and vertebra injury, head trauma, Countrecoup, Contusion (injury to brain visible on CT scan), Hematoma (blood in a confined area of brain or skull) Diffuse brain injury axonal injury (axons of neurons are stretched and torn, producing cell death) a common cause of brain damage after TBI, Coma, Paralysis.
Ms. Josephine Cullotta’s passion and experience stems from her volunteer work at top rehabilitation facilities in Illinois. Although very selective in signing up clients, once it happens – Ms. Cullotta goes above and beyond for all of her clients. She is an aggressive, experienced, passionate Chicago area personal injury attorney with medical and legal and trial experience in spine/spinal cord injuries and head/brain injury settlements and cases across Illinois.

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