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Car Accident

Need a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer?

September 13, 2019

Read this before you hire a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer for a 33.3% contingent fee   

Chicago Car Accident Lawyer

Cullotta Law Offices 1 North State St., #1500, Chicago , IL 60602

To celebrate the opening of our Chicago Office,  Cullotta Law Offices is offering its new clients  in a recent Chicago car crash with serious personal injuries due to  someone else’s negligence, and who we sign up by  Oct 31, 2019a reduced gross contingent attorney fee rate of 28.8% (instead of normal 33.3%).* 

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Call Chicago car accident lawyer Cullotta at 847-651-7191.   We offer free consultations.

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Cullotta Law Offices
1 North State St., #1500
Chicago, IL 60602 



*Cullotta Law Offices has sole discretion to accept new client. Car accident must be in Chicago, IL caused by someone else's negligence. Car accident must have occurred within the last year. Client must not be curly represented by an attorney. Personal Injuries sustained must exceed $30,000 in specials related to personal injuries caused by someone else’s negligence during the Chicago car accident. Treatment and diagnosis of personal injuries claimed must have been treated for first time immediately after this recent crash. New client must not have been issued a a ticket or contributory negligent. Client must obtain and deliver to Cullotta Law Offices for review any and all requested by Cullotta Law relevant medical records prior to accepting new client. Cullotta Law shall determine what is relevant. Client must sign written Cullotta Law contingent fee agreement upon request by Cullotta Law. Offer automatically expires on Oct 31, 2019 and will not be renewed. Terms are subject to written change only by Josephine Cullotta owner of Cullotta Law Offices. Cullotta Law Offices reserves right to withdraw this offer at any time for any reason. This offer is not transferable. 

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