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New Chicago Pedestrian Safety Program Implemented – CULLOTTA LAW OFFICES

January 7, 2012

Pedestrians are now given the option of using a red flag while crossing certain Chicago interesections in order to decrease their chances of being struck by a Chicago driver.

Cars strike pedestrians even though they are inside the crosswalk and had the right of way to cross the street. Persons struck by a car or truck at selected Chicago intersections may sustain serious injuries (borken legs, shoulder, head traumaand even death).
New Chicago Pedestrian Safety Program To Help Drivers Avoid Striking People In Crosswalks.

“It’s up to you” is the name of this new Chicago pedestrian safety program that was implimented last month. According to safety officials, the Chicago pedestrian safety program requires 10 selected intersections across Chicago to place buckets of red flags at each corner.
The goal is that pedestrian will CHOOSE to pick up a red flag from the bucket and wave it as they are walking in the crosswalk. Hopefully, the drivers approaching the intersection will see the red flag from a further distance than they would see a person not holding the red flag. With additional time, drivers will hopefully be ablle to avoid striking the pedestrian.
After the pedestrian crosses the street, they place their flag in the bucket located at that corner so another pedestrian may use it.
“It’s up to you” is an inexpensive way to save lives and possibly prevent so many serious injuries that occur to Chicago pedestrians each year.
Illinois law requires drives to yield to pedestrians in a Chicago crosswalk. Unfortunately, more than a law being passed is needed to prevent injuring pedestrians in Chicago. If you have been struck by a car or truck while crossing a CHicago crosswalk and sustained a serious personal injury, contact Illinois Chicago Pedestrian Injury Attorney at CULLOTTA LAW OFFICES at 847-651-7191

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