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Brain Injury

One blow to head in car accident can cause long term problems

September 5, 2019

Brain Injury LawyerHead Injury Lawyer Cullotta Shares Recent TBI Research 


Recent study shows how one severe hit to the head  in a car accident, fall or assault  is enough to trigger  worsening brain deterioration and long-term cognitive problems in some people.

Researchers scanned the brains of 21 men and women who had a single major head injury.  Their brain injury occurred 18 to 51 years ago in a was  a car crash, assault or slip-and-fall. They all suffered severe initial brain injury symptoms like loss of consciousness for more than 30 minutes  and  have since developed problems with thinking, memory and motivation.

The scans revealed that 15 of the participants have unusually high levels of tau protein in their brains There is no treatment to slow or reverse brain deterioration following head injuries.

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