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Auto-Pedestrian Death

Pedestrian Accidents

October 7, 2020

Pedestrian AccidentAlmost Half of Pedestrian Accidents Causing Death Involve An Alcohol-Impaired Driver And / Or Pedestrian 

Risk of Death Is Highest For Older Adult Drivers & Pedestrian Children Under Age 15

According to Traffic Safety Facts 2017 Data: Pedestrians. U.S. Dept. of Transportation Pedestrians aged 65 and older accounted for 20% of all pedestrian deaths. Risk of death while driving increases with age.  That is, a vehicle driven by older drivers are at highest risk of being killed in a motor vehicle accident due to declines in vision, ability to recall and physical changes. 

The CDC Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System also reports that one in every five children under the age of 15 killed in traffic crashes were pedestrians in 2017.

Settling or filing suit against any negligent driver can compensate the pedestrian and increase the public’s awareness about motor vehicles are the leading cause of death to IL children and elderly on or crossing IL roads.

Cars strike pedestrians even though they are inside the crosswalk and had the right of way to cross the street. Persons  hit by a car or truck at Chicago intersections can sustain serious injuries (broken legs, shoulder, head trauma, and even death).

Pedestrian accidentsChicago Pedestrian Safety Program

Chicago pedestrian accidents safety program To help drivers avoid hitting people in crosswalks.

“It’s up to you” is the name of this Chicago pedestrian safety program is a way to try and save pedestrian lives. According to safety officials,  ten selected intersections across Chicago are to place buckets of red flags at each corner. 

The goal is that the pedestrian will CHOOSE to pick up a red flag from the bucket and wave it as they are walking in the crosswalk. After the pedestrian crosses the street, they place their flag in the bucket located at that corner so another pedestrian may use it.

Hopefully, the drivers approaching the intersection will see the red flag and slow down. With additional time, drivers will hopefully be able to avoid striking the pedestrian. 

This video  talks about the other programs and Chicago pedestrian safety program in greater detail. It is an inexpensive way to save lives and hopefully prevent any injury to pedestrians in IL. 

Type of Vehicles That Strike Pedestrians

The type of vehicle involved in a pedestrian automobile crash often determines what happens to the person hit upon impact. For example, a child or adult Is hit by a car, usually the legs are hit first and  then their head strikes the car’s windshield.  

Vehicle Camera 

Auto-Pedestrian Accident usually involves a child 15 or younger getting hit by the front of a car more than rear-bumper. Front-impact collisions with pedestrians may occur more often because the vehicle has a rear-end camera. The rearrview mirror camera on the car may detect a person walking behind a car.  

It is imperative to remember rear vehicle cameras can not save everyone.   Accelerate too fast leaves little time to stop or avoid a running over a pedestrian. Trucks can be so large that the truck-driver may not see the person in the camera.

Weather conditions can also prevent the driver of a vehicle from seeing everyone behind his truck. The camera can  not detect an adult lying down on a driveway if the person is no longer moving.  For example, a person move his car for the snow plow driver and slips on ice behind the truck. The truck begins backing up and runs over the person.  

In fact,
according to LA Times, “backup cameras haven’t stopped drivers from backing into stuff.”

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