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Pedestrian brain injury accidents – wrongful death attorneys – Illinois

December 28, 2011

Pedestrian vehicle deaths in Illinois typically occur after an automobile strikes a person crossing the street head-on.

The van or automobile first strikes a person’s legs or lower limbs.

After the legs are struck by the automobile, the pedestrian’s body moving forward on top of the hood and hitting their head on the top part of the motor vehicle’s hood and windshield. 

Vehicle drivers are more likely to strike pedestrians head-on.

A severe hit of a pedestrian’s head to the top front of the hood and windshield causes the traumatic brain injury that leads to the pedestrian’s death or head trauma. 
If you or a loved one sustained a IL, head injury or death due to a traumatic brain injury after a Illinois pedestrian-vehicle accident, call Cullotta Law Offices at 847-651-7191 for a free consultation.

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