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Some brain damaged vegetative state patients communicating with EEG

January 14, 2012

An EEG is a tool that painlessly measures brain activity to determine consciousness using electrodes attached the outside of their head) AccScientists determined that an EEG can be used to communicate with some brain damaged patients who seem to be in a vegetative state. Brain activity appears on an eeg by an act or imagining performing the action.

This month, the scientists at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and the University Hospital of Liege in Belgium, observed three of the sixteen patients were able to repeatedly to imagine “wiggling their toes or squeezing their right hand.”

A team led by Professor Owen in Cambridge previously found communication by some vegetative patients using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). A fMRI scanner requires a patient remain still and have no metal objects in their brain.

The EEG is comparatively less expensive, portable, and more accessible than a fMRI. The Lancet Medical J, November 2011)

Remaining in a brain damage vegetative state can be catastrophic to a family.

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