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Auto-Pedestrian Death

Pedestrian Accidents

October 7, 2020

Almost Half of Pedestrian Accidents Causing Death Involve An Alcohol-Impaired Driver And / Or Pedestrian  Risk of Death Is Highest For Older Adult Drivers & Pedestrian Children Under Age 15 According to Traffic Safety Facts 2017 Data: Pedestrians. U.S. Dept. of Transportation Pedestrians aged 65 and older accounted for 20% of all […]

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Car Accident

3 Ways IL Fatal Car Accidents Happen Today

September 9, 2019

3 Most Common Ways Fatal Chicago Auto Accidents Happen Today  according to IL Dept. of Transportation (IDOT), as of 9/7/19: 104 fatalities caused by an Illinois motorcycle accident 99 pedestrians died from a motor vehicle in IL 75 deaths in Illinois involving a Semi-truck Deaths caused by drivers running red […]

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Car Accident

6 Ways Chicago Auto Accidents Happen

July 21, 2019

Chicago Auto Accident Attorney 6  TYPES & CAUSES OF A  TRUCK, MOTORCYCLE CAR OR AUTO ACCIDENT HAPPENS IN CHICAGO, AURORA, ROCKFORD, IL  INCLUDE:  Rear-end Accidents:  Chicago Rear end crashes are the most common type of accident in the United States, accounting for about 30% of all accidents.* Wrong-Way / Head-on Collisions:  […]

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