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Types of Skull Fractures

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Types of Skull Fractures

Skull fracture: break in the bone that surrounds the brain

  • Linear : 

Linear skull fractures are more common in children than adults. This type of skull fracture is a simple break or crack in the skull that is straight. Linear skull fractures can be caused by a car accident or fall.

  • Basilar : 

Basilar skull crack is a break to the bone that makes up the floor of the skull.

  • Depressed :

Depressed skull fracture May occur from a forceful impact by a blunt object that causes “dents” in the skull bone. This break will often require surgery to elevate the bone.  

Depressed Skull fractures can cause bruising of the tissue, called a contusion

However, skull fractures typically accompany damage to a major blood vessel within the head that can cause a hematoma or hemorrhage, or heavy bleeding into or around the brain.

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