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What is my Chicago spinal cord injury case worth?

What is my Chicago spinal cord injury case worth?

Since every Chicago spinal cord injury is unique, it is difficult to estimate what your case may be worth. However, severe injuries caused by Chicago motor vehicle accidents could potentially be worth several million dollars. Many different factors are taken into account when estimating the potential worth of the injury. Therefore, it is essential that you consult a Chicago spinal cord injury attorney immediately after your accident.

What factors affect the potential worth of your Chicago spinal cord injury?

  • Whether the injury is complete or incomplete
  • The amount of present and future medical expenses
  • Whether you incurred lost present or future wages
  • Whether you were partially at fault for the Illinois motor vehicle accident causing the spinal cord injury

What costs might be included in your Chicago spinal cord injury settlement?

Generally, if you can show that the losses directly resulted from the motor vehicle accident, insurers will pay for:

  • Medical treatment
  • Lost wages
  • Future medical expenses

Who can you collect a settlement from following an Illinois motor vehicle accident?

  • The individual causing the accident
  • The individual’s insurance company
  • Your own underinsured motorist policy
  • Your own insurance policies if the above sources are still insufficient, including an umbrella policy on your homeowner’s insurance

If you were the victim of an Illinois car accident, contact an experienced Chicago spinal cord injury attorney for a free consultation. Fill out our online form or call our office at (847) 651-7191.

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