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Do I Need a Brain Injury Law Attorney or Should I Settle Directly With An Illinois Auto Insurance Company?

Hiring a Chicago brain injury attorney who is experienced in working with insurance companies provides greater
Long term effects of head trauma following a vehicle accident in Illinois are typically not fully known immediately following a crash. The effects of an Illinois injury may result in expensive medical care and treatment, time off work, months of rehabilitation as an in-patient at a hospital, and other possible recoverable damages. Settlement prematurely, is extremely risky – especially without first speaking to an attorney.
The irony is, Illinois auto insurance companies will typically call you and tell you not to hire a lawyer or even speak with a lawyer before you settle your case. YET, they have large law firms to talk to and protect them. In fact, State Farm and Allstate has in-house lawyers at multiple law firms – ready to answer THEIR questions and handled their insured’s Illinois auto accident claims. Why is that? Why do they deserve a lawyer and you dont?
Additionally, insurance adjusters refuse to disclose the policy limits of an at-fault driver without an attorney. What they tell you and what they put is righting can not be considered true UNTIL you have in your hand all policies from all possible sources. 

Having a Illinois brain injury law firm attorney helps level the playing field with auto inurance companies in IL in many ways.  
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