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FAQ: How will a Chicago brain injury affect my memory

For many people, traumatic brain injuries affect memory in several ways. Memory is the mind’s ability to remember information. The different types of memory include:
Immediate memory
Short-term memory 
Long-term memory
An example of immediate memory is remembering an address when a friend gives it to you long enough to write it down. Short-term memory, however, lasts a little longer. This type of memory allows you to remember things such as picking up your dry-cleaning. It generally lasts between several minutes and a few days. Long term memory includes information such as:
Personal information
Major life events
Basic skills
Future plans
* Chicago brain injuries typically affect the victim’s short-term memory, leaving long-term memory substantially intact. A Chicago head trauma victim may experience the following memory related difficulties, such as:
Remembering information shortly after learning it
Inability to learn new information
Trouble finding and using the right words to express emotion
Chicago brain injury and memory are also linked to the following conditions:

  • Post-traumatic amnesia, which temporarily renders the patient unable to maintain any short-term memories
  • Retrograde amnesia, which results in the victim being unable to recall events for a specific time period before the injury
  • Lateralization, which causes the patient to have difficulty remembering events through words or pictures

Fortunately there are several things to help manage memory problems following a head injury. Some techniques include: sticking to a routine, keeping a diary, and ensuring that the victim stays well rested. 
If you or a loved one is suffering from memory loss following a head injury caused by an IL or Chicago auto accident, contact an experienced brain injury attorney today at Cullotta Law Offices in Glenview, IL, 847-651-7191.

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