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Recovery for a Chicago Illinois Traumatic Brain Injury

Generally, stages of recovery from an Chicago brain injury car accident  often vary from person to person and depend on the severity of the injury. For example, a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) or a post-concussive syndrome may last days, weeks, months, even years after a collision on Illinois roads. The more serious brain injuries will last longer. Typically, more severe the brain injury (coma or vegetative -state) lasts longer or forever.

Consequences From A Chicago post-concussive syndrome & mild traumatic brain injuries may include any of the following: 

Therefore, the stages of brain injury recovery vary from person to person and typically are based on the severity of the TBI.

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Other Support

The Brain Injury Association of Illinois (BIA of IL) is a a non-profit organization who also provides services and programs to individuals who have sustained a brain injury in IL.  BIA of IL also assists a injured person’s family and caregivers, professionals working with brain injured individuals and the community

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