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Car Accidents

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Our accident injury aw firm helps you throughout the personal injury claim process that can help ease your burdens. The accident attorney at Cullotta Law Office will be identifying all potential defendants, obtaining and reviewing insurance policies, and collecting critical evidence about the crash and damages. Contact Cullotta Law Offices to learn how.

A lawsuit may be the only way to learn if the at-fault driver has auto insurance.

 Generally, an IL motor vehicle accident lawsuit alleges the driver’s negligent act or failure to act caused personal injuries. Negligence can be:

    • Distracted Driving (p. 22) 
    • Disobeying Traffic Control Device
    • Speeding (p. 24
    • Failure to Yield Right-of-Way (p. 26)
    • Improper Passing (p. 27) 
    • Prohibited Lane Usage (p. 29
    • Illegal Turning (p. 30):

The negligence has to be more likely than not the cause of personal injuries. Finally, what at the claimed personal injuries worth?

Damages can include medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, disability, loss of normal life, and other recoveries permitted by IL law. 

Cullotta Law Office is dedicated to obtaining the maximum amount permitted for our clients' financial losses.  Contact Cullotta Law Offices for a free personal injury attorney consultation

When You Contact Us, Our Accident Car Attorney Ask About:

    • The auto accident
    • Photos
    • Personal injuries
    • Insurance company
    • Treatment 
    • Medical Bills 
    • Work
    • Changes since accident  

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