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Car Accidents

Car Accident Chicago Injury Lawyer

Josephine Cullotta, handles Serious Personal Injury Settlements and Lawsuits 

In Illinois, the other driver may be negligent if they: failed to yield, didn't keep a proper lookout, went through a red light, blew a stop sign, were, speeding, texting, or negligent in other ways. Cullotta Law Offices is located in Glenview and Chicago. Josephine Cullotta founded Cullotta Law Offices in 2007.  Her colleges rate her a "Lead Counsel" and one of ten best Illinois personal injury lawyers.  Attorney Cullotta, in Glenview & Chicago, is  car accident  excellent lawyer for brain and back injury 

Have you Suffered a Personal Injury from an Accident while Commuting by Car, Scooter, Train, Bike, Motorcycle, Boat, Truck or During a Daily Walk??

Traveling by car, bike, motorcycle, electric scooter, motorcycle, truck, train, may be part of your daily routine. During your commute, a accident can happen.  

Suddenly, you are in an ambulance in route to a hospital emergency room instead of commuting home or to work, the airport, or somewhere else.  Finding and talking to a injury lawyer while recovering is likely the last thing on your mind.

Josephine Cullotta knows how suddenly you may be be facing the inability to work and medical bills, hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation for months or years after a accident.  You may even be unable to move, on anti-Inflammatory / pain medication that make you sleepy.  We understand. These are all more reason why you need to contact an injury lawyer right away. 

While recovering, you must keep in mind you may not be going back to work any time soon. If you are in the hospital, undergoing surgery, in the ICU, need round the clock care, headed to a nursing home, you  still need to pay out-of-pocket medical expenses, deductibles, and co-pays. You may be on short term medical leave from work.

Speaking with a lawyer now may bring you some peace of mind. A consult will help the lawyer gather critical evidence as soon as possible after your accident.  This is why it is critical you contact an injury lawyer right away. 

If Your Damages Can Exceed An At-Fault Driver's IL Auto Insurance Company Policy Limits, 

Uninsured (UM) and Underinsured Motorists (UIM)

Even if Illinois requires all drivers to carry auto insurance, the driver who injured you or your passenger may not have insurance. This is when uninsured motorist (UM) coverage will step in to protect your interests. Illinois requires auto insurance companies to offer uninsured motorist coverage.

If your auto insurance company offers uninsured motorist, and you chose to include it in your policy. When you file an uninsured motorist claim, your insurance company's interests can be averse to your interests. Even if the the driver has insurance, if he injures you and other people, his auto insurance policy limit may not be enough. This is when a underinsured motorist coverage protects accident victims in these cases.  

Personal Injury Cases and Claims Caused by a Car Accident our Lawyer Accepts

Cullotta Law Offices 847-651-7191 is dedicated to obtaining verdicts and settlements for our personally injured clients' financial losses, such as medical bills and lost wages, pain, suffering, disability and loss of a normal life. We genuinely can only accept cases involving significant injuries allowing us the personal one-on-one attention to all our clients. Many of are clients are in Arlington Heights, Chicago, Waukegan, Evanston, or Chicago surrounding suburbs.  

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