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Construction Site Accidents

Our Experienced Glenview & Chicago Construction Accident Lawyer Can Help You Seek Full Compensation

After a Illinois construction site accident, a workers' compensation claim and any other potential third-party liability injury lawsuit should follow to maximize recovery for the injured worker. It is important to consult with lawyers experienced in both Workers' Compensation cases and "Third Party" cases.

third party case, (personal injury or wrongful death case) is when another person or entity (e.g., a general contractors, an equipment manufacturer, a subcontractor, a property owner) who is not your employer contributed to the accident by his or its negligence.

It is important to contact an Illinois construction site accident attorney immediately after a construction site injury. Contacting us right away helps a thorough investigation of a construction accident by our lawyers and investigators.  This also ensures  we are able to discover any or all causes of the construction or job site injury or death.

Chicago Area Job Site Attorney

Causes of Construction Accidents, may include:

  • unsafe scaffolds / a faulty scaffold
  • negligent housekeeping on a construction site
  • crane accidents
  • ladder falls
  • roof falls
  • collapsing trenches
  • equipment failures

To learn more about how Cullotta Law Offices PC can help you and your family regarding a construction site accident, personal injury, or workers compensation case, please call us at 847-651-7191.

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