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Emergency Room Errors

Emergency Room Medical Errors in IL

Medical Error is the THIRD leading cause of death in Illinois. 

The most common Hospital Emergency Room Medical Errors are:

    • Misdiagnoses: 

    • Delayed diagnosis: 

    • Misreading Medical Reports / Tests: 

If you believe you, or a family member, were the victim of a serious emergency room error, contact my office to schedule a FREE legal consultation with a greater Chicago emergency room error attorney.

Emergency Rooms in Illinois 

The Emergency Rooms in IL handle critical and non-critical patients in a fast-paced environment. Emergency room doctors and nurses are trained in triage or put another way trained to the assessment of the seriousness of a medical condition in order to provide prompt care when needed. An incorrect assessment can lead to delayed diagnosis or delayed treatment, which can lead to death.

A Hospitals and Doctors in IL must provide standard of medical care. It is not the standard in IL for a doctor to fail to properly review a patient chart, perform or read tests, not provide necessary treatment. These failures are medical errors on the part of physicians and on the part of hospitals. 

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