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Paralysis and Amputations

Contact Chicago Injury Lawyer Cullotta If You Suffered Paraplegia, Quadriplegic and/or Leg Amputation From A Auto Accident in IL 

Chicago Auto accidents account for fifty-five percent of all paralysis cases. Every year as many as a half-of-million people suffer a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

The majority of people injured with an SCI, also suffered paralysis (paraplegia/ quadriplegic). When you suffer paralysis after a car accident in Illinois, it is critical to talk to a Chicago injury lawyer right away.

Cullotta Law is here to protect your interests after a cord injury

Our Illinois accident injury attorney  at Cullotta has medical AND legal experience handling multimillion-dollar personal injury settlements / lawsuits 

Our law firm focuses almost entirely on spinal cord injury and brain injuries arising out of auto accident in Illinois. Not all personal injury law firms in Illinois can say the same. 

We have the qualifications and medical & legal background education and experience to settle and litigate your injury accident case. 

We are ranked as leaders in personal injury law specialized in brain injury and back injury litigation in Illinois -  by other personal injury law firms. 

Our Chicago IL Quadriplegic Lawyer will work with you to pursue and obtain the maximum possible compensation from all parties responsible for your injuries. 

Call us st  847-651-7191 for a free consultation. We have law offices in Glenview and Chicago, Illinois. 

Our Personal Injury Law firm keeps abreast of research relevant to Back Injury & Brain Injury.

For example, a study in Australia published July 2019 showed 13 of 16 participants suffering from tetraplegia after a traumatic spinal cord injury regained use of there hand after undergoing a Nerve transfer surgery.   

Suffering from a paralysis or an amputation can involve extremely high medical bills and numerous other expenses.

Victims of a spinal injury accident in Illinois will also likely incur lost wages and pain and suffering. There are medical procedures and long-term costs and complications associated with paralysis. 

These may include:

  • Spinal fusion surgery
  • Disc replacement
  • Disc fusion
  • Nerve decompression surgery

Our Illinois Paraplegia/ Quadriplegic lawyer aggressively pursues damage awards from the negligent parties and entities responsible for your injuries. This way, you can feel safe knowing your family is taken care of, no matter what auto accident in Illinois.  

Our Chicago Car Accident Lawyers fight for fair & just compensation for your personal injury claim 

Cullotta Law Offices will  seek compensation for your pain and suffering, medical costs, time lost from work, loss of normal life and other damages. 

You do not have to face your paralysis or amputation alone. Contact an Cullotta Law Offices at 847-651-7191  to schedule your free consultation.  Schedule an appointment at are Glenview or Chicago location.


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