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Motorcycle Accidents

Our Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer Will Help You Recovery Compensation For Your Serious Injuries

Cullotta Law Offices Are Leading  Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury caused by a motorcycle accident can include: 

    1. brain injury
    2. skull fracture,
    3. broken tibia
    4. broken fibula
    5. compressed spinal cord injury 
    6. paralysis, amputation of limbs,
    7. coma
    8. back injury / herniated disc,
    9. and other serious injuries.

Cullotta Law Offices’ motorcycle accident attorney will examine the cause of the motorcycle accident in Illinois, such as:

    1. motorcycle maintenance (brake failure, tire blow outs)
    2. driver negligence (speeding, failure to yield, improper lane usage or unsafe driving)
    3. and other negligent acts or inactions 

As IL motorcycle accident attorneys, we will also investigate the motorcycle accident victims’ damages.

These may  include, economic and noneconomic damages. The average the economic cost of a motor vehicle accident is $20,000 to $90,000.  

Economic Damages may include 

    1. medical expenses
    2. time lost from work
    3. cost of household or vehicle modifications to accommodate disability
    4. cleaning and yard-work paid help 
Non-economic Damages may include
    1. Pain & Suffering
    2. Loss of normal life, companionship, and
    3. Diminished Spousal Household Services 


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