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About Cullotta Law Offices in Glenview & Chicago: Brain Injury Lawyer With  Laser-Beam Focus on Settlements & Lawsuits Brain injury Spinal Cord Injury (Paraplegia / Quadriplegia) & Other Serious Injuries As A Result of A Auto Accident in IL

Our Personal Injury Lawyer at Cullotta Law Offices handle mostly catastrophic brain injury and spinal cord injury settlements and cases throughout illinois.

 Attorney, Cullotta, has experience aggressively fighting for her serious injury clients. Her legal, trial AND medical knowledge handling primarily brain and back injury cases is what distinguishes her from other PI firms.

Cullotta Law Offices Specializes In  Mild to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, Back Injury and Accident Attorney 

 Our firm selectively chooses each and every case. Cullotta Law Offices, is located in Glenview and Chicago, IL. As a concussion, brain injury lawyer & back pain injury lawyer, attorney Josephine Cullotta, knows how to identify your injuries and work up your case damages to maximize your auto accident claim.

There are so many Chicago personal injury lawyers to choose from. 

We understand.  Unlike Most Other firms, Josephine Cullotta has both Medical and Legal Education and Experience. Josephine Cullotta has BOTH medical and legal knowledge and experience successfully handling brain and spinal cord injury cases and claims is crucial. I can not emphasize this enough. 

Attorney Cullotta primarily handles Severe Traumatic Brain InjuryPost-Concussive Syndrome, & Spinal Cord Injury (Paraplegia / Tetraplegia / Quadriplegia) As A Result of A Motorcycle and Car Accident in IL

We Handle Auto Accident Injury cases throughout Illinois: From Waukegan & Rockford to Champaign and Peoria, IL

For over a decade, ninety-five (95%) percent of our cases involved a  Traumatic Brain Injury, and spinal injury that accompanied there serious personal injuries.  Most firms can not say the same.  

Cullotta Law Offices will identify what the consequences of your related aret. Cullotta Law Offices knows how to establish past present and future damages based on before and after accident. Many other personal injury lawyers can not say the same.

Obtaining the right information from before during and after your injury begins at the scene of accident, then ER, followup doctor and hospital visits, records from work, school, accountant, talking to family, household members, co-workers, riend, your community and so on. Doing this requires knowing what information is and isn’t critical to obtain and when/. Attorney Cullotta is qualified to and will do this for you.

Choosing the Right Personal Injury Lawyer for You and Your case in IL

We understand.  We have tried to summarize for you the reasons that we feel we are different other lawyer. Why being different is better -here. There are so many personal injury lawyers to choose from.  

We understand how most personal injury attorneys in big cities, such as, Chicago, Waukegan, Aurora, Rockford, and Elgin claim they are the best. And, they likely are also claiming to be the best to handle a severe brain injury and spinal cord injury case.   

Being Best is Not the Same as Being The Best & Specialized 

Our attorneys at Cullotta Law Offices are specialized in brain and spinal injuries and selective in what cases it accepts.  This ensures you, a client, receive our specialists individual attention.  We also are selective about the cases we accept to ensure your case and damages is properly worked up to get the maximum amount of recovery.  Not every lawyer can claim they are specialized in an area of law unless they really are.  

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Although we are very selective, we also try our best to provide every potential client with a consultation. You can contact us day or night at 847-651-7191 .  You can email through this website or directly at 

No fee until we win or settle. Our fee is contingent on winning or settling your case or injury claim.  Do not delay in speaking with our qualified personal injury law firm. We are located in Glenview & Chicago, IL.   

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